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 New scams I've Seen

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PostSubject: New scams I've Seen   Sun Jul 06, 2008 7:57 pm

1st scam i've noticed, is if your a pure, 1 def and with like 70 Str, and like 60 Attack (example) - and say your training at rock crabs..

well this what happened to my freind, he was training at rock crabs, and all of a sudden a guy comes up alching...

my freind is 60 Attack, 70 Strength, and 1 Def.

The scam is..he's like hey i bet you cant kill 1 crab before i alch 10 alchs. or something..and hes like to make this fair...

he hands you a bronze spear..lets say..

well thing is..with a bronze spear where the strength spot would be..its shared exp!! so when you start to attack..your growing def
str and attack.. That makes you grow Defence!!!!

2nd Scam, is stuff having to do with bounty hunter... people can bring you in there with your armor! and you have no control over him killing the shit out of you lol.
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New scams I've Seen

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